Sunday, September 11, 2011


When the worst happens, we have to go through the process of denial, arguing, etc to finally end up at acceptance. This is a given. It is a process to get there. But its how we cope and live our lives through the process that is how we will thrive again.

There are those of us who, when faced with disaster of whatever kind, are quick to become Chicken Little and say the sky is falling. They run around causing all sorts of stress, media hype happens, and the stress impacts others. More people become unsettled and lose their coping skills. People are running for the hills and living in fear. They are not living their lives and enjoying it.

Then there are the ones who try to pretend it didn't happen. They go about their lives ignoring what is going on around them. It didn't happen to them is their train of thought. But it really did. They are in denial. They ignore they need to change the way they live and resist any efforts to make them change either.

There are also those who get past the shock and trauma and live their lives to the fullest but also adapt to life after trauma. These are the people who thrive. They enjoy life, adapt, and go on.When we have trauma in our life, we need to learn to adapt how we live, grow a bit, and keep thriving.

What is this trauma? It could be cancer. It could be the events of September 11, 2001. It could be numerous other things including fire, natural disasters, and much much more.

As I look back on how life has changed in this country in the past ten years, I can also say my life has changed since May 2007 when I had my breast cancer diagnosis. These have taught me we have to adapt to live - sort of the Darwin theory of evolution in a smaller scale. Now we accept that there are cameras in many public places, we cant take liquids on airplanes, we take our shoes off at airport security, and more. After two cancers, I accept that I can't live life as I have in the past. My health is not the same and it will never be. This is not just from cancer and treatment but still I have to adapt and move on. I can't wallow in self pity and hide in a cave. I needed to adapt so I can thrive.

As a country we have adapted and we thrive as well.

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Richard Monfries said...

Hi Caroline,

in other words, you have resilience, and a good amount of it too.

All the best


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