Friday, September 9, 2011

I don't recall

I don't remember. I must have forgotten. Can you tell me again? I'm sorry, I don't recall that.

Yesterday while at work, I realized that there was yet another thing I couldn't recall. Or to put it bluntly, something else I forgot. I then started thinking about how much I couldn't remember. I realized that there was a lot I couldn't remember - yes I could remember that I couldn't remember.

My desk is a pile of post it notes of things to do. Every day when I get to work, I create a new to do list so I remember what I meant to do. Also I do get a tiny bit of satisfaction in checking completed items off the list. Then I started to think of reasons that I couldn't remember things.
  • I am getting older. Its none of your business how old I am but my point is we aren't getting younger, we are getting older. Old people are allowed to forget things. I am not old. I am getting older. There is a difference. But it causes forgetfulness.
  • I have chemo brain. I have been using that excuse for a while. Maybe its even true.
  • Menopause causes memory lapses. I believe that it is considered to cause forgetfulness. I have chemopause or chemotherapy induced menopause which is the same thing. Or maybe twice as bad.
  • I take multiple prescriptions daily. Pain meds can cause forgetfulness. 
  • Dieting causes forgetfulness.
  • Volunteer work causes forgetfulness.
  • Cooking shows on TV cause forgetfulness.
  • Daily crossword puzzles cause forgetfulness.
  • Too much time on Facebook causes forgetfulness.
  • Going to the gym causes forgetfulness
  • Red wine causes forgetfulness
  • Ice cream causes forgetfulness.
  • An unfulfilled passion for fried clams causes forgetfulness.
  • A need to go to the beach year round causes forgetfulness.
  • Singing along to the radio in the car while no one is around  causes forgetfulness.
  • Too many doctor appointments causes forgetfulness.
  • Gardening causes forgetfulness. (Damn I have to plant the plants I bought last weekend!)
  • Knitting and crocheting cause forgetfulness.
  • Bad backs cause forgetfulness.
  • Cancer causes forgetfulness.
  • Being married causes forgetfulness.
  • Owning a pet causes forgetfulness.
Or you can just say I am a space shot who goes through a lot of post-its. Maybe I should buy stock in Post-Its.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha.LOVE this post.! So true, so true! Robin

nancyspoint said...

This post is perfectly timed for me. I went to my support meeting the other night and when I arrived the door was locked. No one was around. The meeting is always the first Thursday of the month. I was there the other night, it was the second Thursday of the month already. It finally dawned on my I had the wrong week. duh! I didn't forget, I just had the wrong week entirely. I felt a bit foolish.

nancyspoint said...

It finally dawned on me, not my. Feel free to fix that!

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