Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More confusion

There was a new medical study (of course we needed another one) that offers advice for women to reduce their risk of breast cancer. This study says even 3-6 drinks/week can increase a woman's risk of breast cancer. That seems straightforward - don't drink and you can reduce your risk of getting breast cancer.

But here's the confusing part:

"Because moderate drinking has been associated with a lower death rate for heart disease, Chen said women should weigh the risks and benefits of drinking based on their own health histories."

So make a decision: drink and you are less likely to get heart disease but are more likely to get breast cancer, or don't drink and you are less likely to get breast cancer but more likely to get heart disease.

To all those politicians who claim there is an evil plot out to get them. It is true. There is an evil plot out to get all of us. It is run by a vast conspiracy to confuse us all. They are hoping they can confuse us into submission as we sit there and try to decipher all those 'so called' medical studies and get stuck comparing their recommendations eternally. Which recommendation is going to prove to be right in the long run and won't be disproved by the next study - that is the real question we all have.

I give up. I'm going to live in a cave and be confused. But I can age wine in my cave (and I'll be out of the sun so I can help prevent skin cancer). And I'll eat fried food daily, with a salad on the side, and take my fiber supplements.


Anonymous said...

Caroline, What do 'they' say about women like me who have both heart disease (replaced aortic valve in 1996) and breast cancer (bilateral mastectomy Nov. 2010)? I do the low fat low sodium diet and rarely have alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline,

Since I had a big cancer scare this year I visit blogs. This was my first visit to yours. I could say lots of things, especially about leafy greens juicing, alternative therapies, starting from Gerson. But let's just say; You write so well dear! My best wishes,


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