Saturday, November 12, 2011

We left life behind

My husband and I took advantage of a long weekend to go away and pretend life is perfect for a couple of days.What this means is we took a mini vacation and ignored life's problems. We had an ocean front room on the beach and could watch the tide go in and out, the waves, the birds, the sunrise, the full moon over the ocean. We walked on the beach, found little bits of sea glass, and climbed on the breakwater. We ate unhealthy food (read 'fried clams') and watched stupid TV, read books, went shopping, and enjoy ourselves.

I did try to pretend I was a healthy person - silly me. That was stupid. I pretended that I could walk and go shopping. I paid the price for it - hello pain patches, pain pills, and ice packs. It didn't help that our lovely ocean front room had saggy beds so my back hurt even more.

Now that we are back we have found out that the world went on with out us. Mail piled up, the cat is very irritated - even though we got someone to feed him, and the house cleaning fairy forgot to stop by and clean the house while we were gone. But we decided we need to get away more often. A mini vacation from life and responsibilities was great. We will do this again.

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