Thursday, November 10, 2011

So where do I fit in?

I whine about chemo brain and lack of brain cells overall. Apparently now I am doomed. After age 50, your brain starts to shrink. So where does that leave me?

There are things you can do to reduce risk of memory loss.

- Dance - its social and exercise. It makes you interact with people and you get physically fit.
- Exercise - it grows your brain. Who knew you could reduce your waistline and increase your brain size simultaneously. This takes multi-tasking to a new level.
- Start young - I've been fairly athletic my whole life and my mother used to feed us lots of vegetables and tofu. We still eat lots of vegetables to my husband's dismay.
- Eat right - I usually do. 3 meals a day, minimal snacking, lots of home made, very little prepackaged.

Well I don't dance... I think I no longer have the coordination. But I do exercise, I have been fairly athletic my who life. I don't eat prepared food. I think I did got to a fast food restaurant this year while traveling but think we ate semi healthily.

But my problem is I am starting with lack of brain cells already. So where do I fit in if I am starting from last place? Examples of my lack of brain cells in recent days are:

- I spent two days looking for the damn spray bottle so I could work on blocking some knitting. I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I looked all over the house. I asked my husband. I couldn't find it. I gave up and bought a new one on the way home from work last night. 15 minutes after I got home I found it on the kitchen counter, tucked into the corner right in front of me.

- I got to the gym the other day with a pair of sneakers to work out in. I had two rights, from different pairs.

- I ordered something online recently. It showed up yesterday. I stood there and stared at the package. What did I order? I couldn't remember. Was it a mail bomb? I had no idea. Then I opened it and realized I had ordered it.

Need more examples? I can go on. These are daily ocurences.Feel free to ask my husband. He finds my lack of brain cells extremely humorous.


Anonymous said...

Are you taking aromatase inhibitors?

I was and had big memory problems. Now I am on tamoxifeno

nancyspoint said...

All I can say is that in this you are not alone either!

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