Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Example of Coping

Yesterday, courtesy of my lifeline, the DVR, I watched a recent episode of The Closer called 'Relative Matters'. Originally I wasn't such a big fan of the show but it has grown on me and I watch it regularly. In this episode, Kyra Sedgewick's (the star) father is diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

It throws the family for a loop and shows their coping from all sides - patient and family members. The emotions they all go through are shown in towering rage and tears. After tears, one of the first things Kyra does is to run to a medical examiner for advice on how serious the diagnosis is. I am interested to see how this story continues through the season as I feel it is a fairly accurate depiction.

Although I can't show the entire episode because I don't have access through my internet provider you can watch it here (meaning I don't have the power). In the meantime, here is a five minute preview which shows a bit of it (which I can't even embed because again I don't have the power). I actually like the idea of a little publicity for this relatively rare cancer that is increasing in incidence.

On another note, if you are unsure what the thyroid actually does, here is a pretty good description of its power and how messed up it can make us lucky people who live without one.

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