Monday, December 12, 2011

Insurance insanity

I go to the hospital and pay my copay. Then I get a little statement in the mail which tells me how much more I owe - which is 15% of the allowed amount for whatever it was. Then I get a bill from the hospital and pay the rest. Simple? Right. Sure. Then I get a check back from the hospital telling me after an audit it shows I was owed this. They do not reference a specific visit so I never know what these are for. I called once and was told that often the insurance company changes what they cover and I get a refund or another bill. It drives me crazy.

The first year of my medical roller coaster I tried to match up bills and statements and copays and gave up as it simply didn't work. Especially with these stupid little refunds. Its not that I mind getting money back but since I cant attribute it to a specific thing I have to just assume that it is correct. I am not an accountant (and am not big on balancing my check book) but I don't think this is good accounting practice. But that's okay I am merely a patient at the mercy of the hospital and the insurance company.

This is a minor problem compared to what other people go through. First the insurance company tells you they will pay and then they change their mind. Can I tell you how wrong this is? Insurance companies should not have the ability to make medical decisions for patients. And the worse thing they could do is agree to pay and then deny it, retroactively. Are they inhuman or something? Or just need a smack in the head?

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Insurance companies are like the mob: We pay and pay and pay on time so they "leave us alone," when in reality, they do what ever they want to us. Definitely a one-way relationship.


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