Saturday, May 19, 2012

I really need more math

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday that resulted in the need for more math. I am currently weaning off one back pain medication.This is a six week process. I used to take one pill twice a day but to wean off it:
  • I have two weeks of one pill once a day
  • then two weeks of half a pill once a day
  • then two weeks of half a pill every other day.

(I am a little confused where I am in this but I think I am switching from half a pill every day to half a pill every other day.)

This is in addition to my thyroid pills where I take a whole pill every day but Mondays and Fridays when I take half a pill.

So my doctor yesterday said in two weeks when I am done with the half a pill every other day of the one I am weaning off, I should add a new medication and start weaning off another medication where for a week I take one pill a day instead of two.

I am confused. I need to take notes. I put reminders into my phone. I use two daily pill boxes to keep track. I spend time every Saturday afternoon filling my pill boxes.

Maybe I don't need math. Maybe I need a brain.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I recommend an Excel spreadsheet. No kiddng!! Robin

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