Friday, May 4, 2012

What is wrong with these people?

Allow me to preface this by saying I am all for treating people with medical ailments normally. A friend's son is going to have scoliosis surgery shortly and my advice to her was 'treat him normally, he still should have to do homework, set the table, etc'. This is very important. They are human beings with an icky diagnosis. They shouldn't get to bend rules because of it. (I have another friend who was pulled over for speeding on the way to our support group. She burst into tears and told the officer she was rushing to get to her breast cancer support group and he just gave her back her license and registration and told her to slow down.)

But as a rule, treat people who have ailments normally. Just because I had cancer twice doesn't mean I get to cut in line at the movies or skip paying taxes (but I would consider it if it was legal). Keep treating me normally gives me the emotional support in that I am normal and I will still be here.

Sometimes there needs to be an exception or two. This woman is trying to finish her Master's degree and will finish her last credits in July 2012. She would like to participate in the graduation ceremony in May 2012. Chestnut Hill College is refusing this. Their policy is that, unlike most other colleges, students can't participate in the graduation ceremony if they have any outstanding credits to complete.The problem is she has an incurable form of Hodgkin's Lymphoma and there is a good chance she won't be here in June 2013.

Hello, what is wrong with you people? Do you need a smack in the head to get your brains in gear? Her oncologist has sent in a note as well as other supporters. This is a lifelong dream. She doesn't have that much time left. Your stupid rules are taking away one of the few dreams she has that she might be able to attain in her shortened life. Sometimes exceptions do need to be made and you stupid people are too stuck upon your policy to recognize when being nice could go along way. And your policy isn't even in line with most other colleges. So maybe its time to rethink this one.

This student has accepted this but she hopes the school will change the policy for others like her in the future. So please wake up and smell the coffee here.

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