Wednesday, May 23, 2012

News that is useless to me

I didn't use to be (so) fat. I used to be a size 8ish and am now a size 12ish if you really need to know. My size 8ness lasted until that first chemo when they pumped me full of steroids....

Now research says lose a little weight and greatly reduce that breast cancer risk. That's not very helpful. I am in the much higher than normal risk pool because I already had it.

More research (because we needed more research) tells us that obese people are more likely to be diagnosed with advanced and aggressive thyroid cancer. This is also a little too late for me because I don't have a thyroid (thank you cancer) but it could always come back - but we just won't think about THOSE things.

So this is useless news to me but maybe it will help others. Not that you haven't heard it before - we all need to lose weight.

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