Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Human Pincushion

My upper back h as been bothering me for a while. I haven't been sure if something new is going on, if it is referred pain from elsewhere in my body, or the pain was hidden by the horrible pain I had in my lower back until the successful procedure where nerves were killed off in my lower back in June.

Last week I broke down due to back pain and called my pain doctor. I thought I wouldn't be able to get an appointment before October because it usually takes that  long. They said 'how about next Tuesday'. I said 'sure'. So I went.

We have never treated my upper back before because it has not been a problem. Its not rheumatoid. Its not cancer metastasis (the first thing that jumps into any cancer patients head). It could be fibromyalgia. It could be myofascial pain. Or it could be something else.

The doctor, after pushing on my back to make it hurt, suggested trigger point injections where he makes a series of intra muscular injections on my back in the painful areas. He has done this before on my lower back and they relieved a fair amount of pain.

There were five measly injections which he said would cause a pinch... and they were followed by deep pressure pain causing me to breath slowly out of my mouth instead of crying.  The nurse came in to check my vitals after (they do that so patients don't pass out as they leave). When I got to my appt, my blood pressure was 123/78. After the injections it was 103/66.

I nixed the trip to Kohls and the trip to the gym after that adventure and came home to sit with my giant ice pack. I gave my husband two choices for dinner - he cooks or takeout. The delivery guy showed up on time with dinner.

So today I feel like a human pincushion. The doctor did say to take it easy for a day or two. I will see how it goes today at work. I am supposed to meet a friend for a walk this afternoon but it may be one of those days where I can't walk. But I hope that when the shots stop hurting, they will make my back stop hurting.

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