Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I did get the memo but it didn't help

Eat oily fish, high in Omega-3, to reduce risk of rheumatoid arthritis. That was a memo. I got it. Wthan others. e eat a fair amount of fish - especially since we live within 10 miles of the fish filled Atlantic Ocean. Now I have rheumatoid. Now granted it is in my family but I did follow directions.

What this proves is that not all research is a magic pill. I mean you eat whatever for whatever its benefit is supposed to be so you can reduce your risk of some ailment. There are two problems with these theories:
  1. Some people think that they cannot get the ailment because they did what they were told. They didn't smoke, so they won't get lung cancer. Well you can. You are only reducing your risk.
  2. While they represent advances they are not cures. They are more like suggested life style changes. 
 If asked, I do live a relatively healthy lifestyle - I eat my fruits and vegetables, I don't skip meals, I get exercise, blah, blah, blah. And I am probably one of the least healthy people around. So just because I got the memos, doesn't mean they helped.

Maybe I'll be cranky today.... My back hurts. Some days I am just more cynical than others.


Diana said...

I agree. I am in my mid-50's and had no prior medical issues before getting stage II triple negative invasive breast cancer last June (and detected again in March). Genetic testing found no predisposition either. After the first diagnosis, I dropped 50 lbs, walked regularly, and reduced my wine consumption. To no avail. After chemo, surgery, and radiation - the cancer still came back. Go figure.

Nancy's Point said...

Great points you're making here! Cancer is not preventable. Can we reduce risk? Yes, but that's not the same thing, as you well know. As you said, there is no magic pill, but boy it sure would be nice if there was.

And everyone deserves to have a "cranky day" from time to time, right?

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