Monday, December 8, 2014

A day in bed?

So maybe I did a bit too much this weekend. I had a table at a craft show on Saturday where I had to bring my stuff in from my car, up five steps and down a long hall. Then set up everything, stand for six hours, break everything down, and get it back out to my car with the help from a nice gentleman from the church.

Then on Sunday, I had a private craft show at home (if you didn't get your invitation it means I don't really know you) which entailed me getting up at 430 am and cleaning the kitchen, rearranging furniture with help from my husband, moving boxes around and getting comments from my husband that I should stop doing that before I made my back hurt, making mulled wine and tasting it to improve it and mostly being on my feet all afternoon.

Today I decided it would not be a good day for me to go to work - since its now 915am and I am still in bed. I promise I will get to the gym and the grocery store today. But I have between now and 5pm to get that done.

My feet hurt. My back hurts. I am tired. But I had fun both days. And tomorrow there will be some big rain storm and I will drive on the highway to get to work with a bunch of idiots in zero visibility.

Just because I am as healthy as a horse (on the way to the glue factory), having fun two days in a row, requires me to take it easy for at least a day after. Such is life. I am still here and that's what is really important.

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