Friday, December 5, 2014

The faces of cancer

So the picture of a Stage IV cancer patient shows a pale, hairless, skinny person shrunk down in their chair or wheelchair. Strike that image from your head and meet Fancy Nancy. She is in her 70s and has had cancer three times - currently dealing with metastases from her stomach and breast cancers. I ran into her yesterday after my doctor appointment in the hospital lobby. Does she look like a Stage IV cancer patient?
I wish we could all look so good. She had a fashionable head scarf with her Jackie O shades, ruffled scarf and fingerless gloves. She also was rocking leggings with black leather knee high boots. And she had a big smile pasted on her face because she was having fun with life.

As I took her picture she asked me if she should wave...

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Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS POST ! made me smile all morning,


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