Thursday, August 6, 2015

I have a bad case of 'Icouldntcareless'

I have a new ailment and it is  a close relative to 'Apathy' and 'Screwitall', and its called 'Icoudntcareless'. Its symptoms border on fatigue and ennui and require lots of time with your feet up to recover from recent stresses.

Sometimes you get too much thrown at you to deal with and the best treatment is to ignore it all. That' s what I'm doing. The other day I blogged about blocking out life. I am continuing in that mode and taking things a step further.

My schedule for the next few days has lots of things on it but I am not going to do anything I don't have to. I finally caught up on some much needed sleep, I think. But I might need to get another 10 hours tonight (seriously). The knee doctor gave me a fancy new brace and wants me to try PT and then come back in 6-8 weeks. The good thing is I can do PT at my gym instead of going to a separate place with lots more appointments.

The fibromyalgia support group was okay, not great. It has potential but there is one woman in it who wants to be the center of attention and dominates all conversations. The other woman who attended did not speak unless directly addressed. A nice combination. I will try it a few more times and then decide but am leaning against it. I need to get over my current 'Icouldntcareless' before making any decisions.

Maybe I am turning into a cynic or something.

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