Monday, October 10, 2011

Alert - another 'touching' cancer movie

Yes you will note the hint of sarcasm in my title as there is yet another cancer movie on TV tonight. I am a cynic about these. I am not comfortable with Hollywood's version of cancer often. When "The Big C" came out I was appalled by the title. I do admit to watching it and couldn't get past the third episode. Yes it was about cancer. Yes it was about someone who wasn't coping very well. But yes she was an hysterical drama queen. I won't watch the rest. I will also add that while the first season seemed to have reached some level of publicity the second season seems to have died a slow death and is now gone.

"Brian's Song" back in the 60's was a good movie. It kept the cancer side of it under wraps because it was the 60's and cancer was going to kill us all. I really liked "The Bucket List" because that did show the funny side of a terminal diagnosis and the differences between treatment for a rich person and a poor person when they get cancer.  I can't wait to watch "50/50". Apparently it is not as good as the first reviews expected but from the trailer I have seen it shows a young man coping with a cancer diagnosis 'even though he recycles' - you will get that joke if you have seen it.

But tonight on Lifetime is a movie called "Five". It is actually five shorts about different women coping with a breast cancer diagnosis. I will not attempt to stay up and watch it because it is a 'school' night and I have to get up in the morning but the DVR is set to record it on Lifetime at 10pm. At the urging of women on breast cancer support boards, I watched the trailer and am inspired enough to record it by the line 'why can't I get thigh cancer? I hate my thighs.' If there is no humor in a cancer movie I'm not watching it. Cancer has to include humor or it has already sucked the life out of you. But I digress. It is inspired by Jeanne Tripplehorn's own story.

I do plan on watching it later this week as I have two event filled days later this week which will leave me on ice (literallly) in front of the TV for a few days. (Thursday I am having that nasty back procedure and Friday I am getting a needle under my other knee cap and in between I have an appt with my PCP so I can tell her how healthy I am.) In between the drugs and the ice packs, I will have ample opportunity to catch up on the full DVR.

But if my inner cynic doesn't appreciate another Hollywood version of cancer, I can hit Stop and Erase Now.


ButDoctorIHatePink said...

These cancer movies are usually so far out of the realm of reality that they are hilarious. When I first heard of it, I figured, why would I want to see that, I'm living it? But I just had a long, traumatic surgery and I figured I could use a few laughs (wait, that might hurt).

We cancer patients can make a drinking game out of it (for those who still drink - I'll stick with juice). Every time one of them goes bald but keeps their eyelashes - one shot. Every time a family who was dysfunctional becomes functional just because of cancer, another shot. When somebody "shaves heads in support." Chug a beer. Every time a dying woman with glowing eyes looks out into the peaceful future, slam tequila. I'm sure you won't see the shortness of breath, the lack of body control, the pain and suffering or the fear in their children's eyes.

It will be a very Hollywood version of cancer, I'm sure. Should be funny.

Eliza said...

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