Monday, October 3, 2011

Its all about attitude

Attitude is everything. Well there is a surprise. We already knew that part but now a pair of doctors has written a book about how our attitudes about medical issues factor into our medical treatments. Their theory is that there are three dimensions of values toward medicine:

- minimalist to maximalist - how much treatment do you want - as much as possible to get rid of everything you can, another prescription to help in prevention, and another specialist to check to be sure. Or do you want as little as possible to maintain quality of life?
- Believer vs. doubter - do you believe in the power of medicine and how much your doctor can help you? Or are you skeptical on how much you can be helped?
- pro-technology vs naturalist - medical advances and treatments vs. natural homeopathic supplements and raw veganism?

Its your body and you are entitled to your decisions on your treatment. The more comfortable you are with your treatment plan the more likely you are to follow it and have faith in its ability to heal/cure you.And the fewer regrets you will have if it doesn't work.

What you need to do is to make sure that you communicate with your doctor on your values in the three areas. How much treatment you want, how much technology, and how much faith you have in the ability to make you better.

I talk to my doctors and tell them what I think. I don't want more prescriptions. I am sick of tests. I have gotten to the point where I am ignoring the little medical crap and focusing on the big picture. I am focusing on the things that might actually get better or can be easily made to feel better.

I think I am moving from maximalist to minimalist, lean toward the believer side but can be skeptical, and believe in technology but incorporate naturalism as well. But I am comfortable with this mix.


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breast cancer treatments said...

I agree with you. Attitude is everything. It is what you are and what you mean. Nice writing. Thanks for sharing.

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