Sunday, October 9, 2011

What did we do wrong?

All of us lucky cancer people have one deep desire - how they hell did we get cancer in the first place? What caused it? What did we do right and what did we do wrong that put us staring down the barrel of the cancer cannon at the top of the really scary roller coaster hill? That is the only thing we want to know.... well maybe we want to know about the cure too but that's not quite as personal.

I mean I ate right, I like my fruit and veggies, my mother was always buying organic food before it was a fad, and she even fed us tofu (ick) growing up. But then we did play in the swamp across the street, under the power lines, and god knows what kind of run off was there. We also ate ice cream, french fries, flew on airplanes, played outside in the sun without sun screen, smoked, drank alcohol, stayed up late, did things that seemed like a good idea at the time but possibly there was youth and alcohol involved in the decision making process and will never be repeated.

There are all sorts of theories on what is a carcinogen and what isn't. They really don't know why some people get cancer and why some don't. They have linked tobacco use to cancer but there are chain smokers who smoke 2 packs a day into their 90's and the people who don't smoke who die of lung cancer in their 30's. So apparently there are other factors coming into play here.

Do cell phones cause cancer? Well maybe, maybe not, the jury is still out on this one. I mean lots of people got cancer before there were cell phones. They say cancer may be as a result of industrialization of the world in the 19th century. But people got cancer before that.

So we still don't know what we did wrong. We all just want to be able to tell other people not to do what we did.


YP said...

I have been frustrated that some people in Japan were obsessed about preventing cancer or other diseases related to the radiation problems. It is as if people have forgotten there are no magical ways to prevent cancer yet or some people get cancer for no apparent reasons. This entry of your blog speaks of lots of us cancer survivors' (and patients') feelings. I always enjoy your blog :)

ChuckieFrog said...

I think there are a lot of undiscovered genes as well. I was sort of relieved to find out mine was genetic because at least I knew where it came from.

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