Friday, January 13, 2012

A bad start

As part of my personal deflabbification project, I had my three month evaluation at the gym yesterday. It is also a prelude to my first paid personal training session this afternoon. First of all my weight is exactly 0.6 lbs more than it was at my last weigh in in October. The trainer said that is probably just lunch and the holiday pigging out but still it is in the wrong direction so it is a bad start.

Our next step in the evaluation was to figure out what I can do for exercises in my PT sessions. The answer is she is going to think really hard and come up with some things for later today. These are the things I can't do in terms of working out - no treadmill (because it has a little bounce and is bad for my back), no twisting, no weights over 15 lbs, no heavy weights over about 2 lbs on left because of lymphedema,  no exercises with weights on right arm that involve bending my elbow because of tennis elbow, and I can only work out every other day because of my back and bursitis. But otherwise I can do anything I want. She called me 'limited'. This will be interesting. But I am determined.

I have a bet with my husband as well so there is money and ego on the line here. Which ever of us loses the greater percentage of body weight before the end of March gets bragging rights and a gift. Bragging rights are the most important.

We have been doing weekly weigh ins at home and my weight has not been going in that much of the right direction. Very aggravating.

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Anonymous said...

Don't give up!
I had the same problem. My weight was staying the same although I was eating healthy and doing more sports. But suddenly it started moving in the right direction.
What I did was actually measuring myself weekly so I could see centimeters coming of even though the weight stayed the same (so probably more muscle and less fat)
Good luck!

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