Friday, January 20, 2012

She can talk about it on her own terms

Oh, the scandal! Paula Deen has had diabetes for three years and didn't tell all of us until this week! She should have told us immediately. And now she must change her cooking style and switch to raw veganism so that she will lose weight and control her diabetes and prevent an early death! We should have been told!

Who am I kidding? I completely support her decision not to go public until she was ready. In her own words she said I wanted to bring something to the table when I came forward.” She and her sons have started a foundation called Diabetes in a New Light and is now a spokesperson for Novo Nordisk which manufactures diabetes medications.

What else is she supposed to do? Is she supposed to change the world, create global peace, and find the cure for diabetes? Isn't this enough? I think she is doing a lot of good with the foundation and as a spokesperson.

When anyone gets a 'not so fun' medical diagnosis, they need time to digest it and get a treatment plan going. They also may need to adapt their life style and make additional changes - maybe changing employment or more. The last thing someone with a nasty medical diagnosis should be required to do is to announce it to the world until they are ready. She gets to talk about it on her own terms.

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