Monday, January 2, 2012

My resolutions

I have been thinking and finally have come up with a few resolutions for 2012. They say that 80% of New Year's resolutions fail. So why should I bother? Because I want to. You will also note that I am not biting off more than I can handle either. So here they are:
  1. I resolve not to have cancer in 2012. See that's easy. I can say that. I've had it twice so now its someone else's turn. Maybe I am a bit selfish but I do feel its not my turn this year.
  2. I resolve not to develop any other new medical ailment in 2012. My life for the last six years has been a series of medical crap.
    • 2011 - fall, strained tendons in knee, knee injections, tennis elbow, etc.
    • 2010 - I can't remember what was new but I had lots of PT, doctor appointments, lymphedema stuff, and back injections.
    • 2009 - sprained ankle, developed back problems, became best friends with the pain clinic, etc
    • 2008 - gall bladder surgery
    • 2007 - breast cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, three surgeries, became best friends with the cancer clinic
    • 2006 - fibroids and hysterectomy
  3. I resolve to get serious about this deflabbification project. I have started losing weight since I joined a new gym last February. This year I have signed up for a weight loss challenge that the gym. For 8 weeks, they split up those who sign up into 3 teams. We get weighed weekly and the winning team which loses the biggest percentage of weight lost wins something - I can't remember what it is but its really just to motivate me. I also can sign up for 8 30 minute personal trainer sessions for the eight weeks for a really cheap price. If I am on the deflabbification lifestyle, by default, my husband is as well. So I have double-dared my husband - which ever of us who loses the biggest percent in weight by the end of March has to buy the other a nice something. I also plan on not going on a diet but changing our eating habits.
  4. I resolve to be a perky cheerful person all of the time. Those of you who know me may question this one but when life gives you lemons,you need to make lemonade, vodka is optional. But when I am on the medical roller coaster with some back pain as well, I tend not to be as perky as I may seem. But I am working on this. Besides, when I am perky, it often annoys my husband which is an added benefit.
So those are my resolutions. I think they are doable. I am not promising to lose 20 pounds (which would be nice) but to take control over the flabbification. More medical ailments are just out of the question out at this point. I have put aside world peace, tolerance, and political niceness for now. This year I will focus on me. I am catering to my inner two year old - mine, mine, mine!


WhiteStone said...

I like that word..."flabbification". roflol

Anonymous said...

Keep the blog going - you have a great sense of humor and your honesty about your reactions to everything you've been thru is so refreshing and helpful to me who has difficulty explaining my emotional roller coaster life after cancer (in remission since 2005)

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