Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pink Ribbons Inc

A Canadian movie, Pink Ribbons Inc', was a selection of the 2011 Toronto Film Festival and is opening in Canadian theaters next week. It is a movie I think I would like to see. Here are the trailer and the origins of the film to see.

From what I understand of it, the controversy stems from a couple of levels - first of all the pink money making machine that has become breast cancer awareness and the fact that all this pinkification for a cure has not resulted in anything more than some medications and slightly longer life expectancies - not a cure as labeled. These are the problems I have with pinkification in the first place - breast cancer is a bad thing and it should not be an income stream for anyone.

I think the Komen foundation has done a great deal to help raise awareness of cancer in general and breast cancer more specifically and deserves a lot of appreciation for their efforts. However I have never made the connection from pink football helmets and a cure for breast cancer. And as with the rest of the so called 'war' on cancer, we have lots of ideas but no cure yet after decades and even centuries of trying. My advice to anyone who is curious - don't buy pinked products and go see the movie.


Nancy's Point said...

I cannot wait to see this movie. I'm just hoping it shows up in my area.

Renn @ The Big C and Me said...

I want to see this too! Thank you for making us aware of it!

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