Friday, December 21, 2012

Stupid politicians

Today I am running late. Or rather just slow. Somehow it is already 930 am and I am just getting to my blog. Usually I start my day earlier and quicker. I think I have a new evil cold. My co-workers had an evil cold and I think they shared it with me.

But I digress. Today's topic is this looming fiscal cliff crap. I usually do not blog about politics or other stuff but this is getting ridiculous. We have a bunch of politicians who never learned to play nice together. Therefore they disagree. They do not even agree to disagree. Well sometimes they agree to disagree with the other party on principle not because of the issue.

We now have what we call a stand off again. At the expense of the average American again. I am sure it will come down to a last minute vote which the media hypes into a cliff  hanger.

Who wants to bet we pay higher taxes the first few weeks in January and then get the money back somehow?  And the millionaires some how get to keep all their money?

What a bunch of bozos in Washington these days. They only care about their party and its polarized positions and not about the good of the country.

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