Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recent blog posts suck

Okay, I admit my recent blog posts suck. I have been busy. I have been sleeping. I have been working. We have house guests. Its the holidays. But my blog posts have sucked for longer than just this past week or so. I am not as inspired or as inspiring I guess.

The main reason for not having as much to say is because my cancer stuff seems to be falling more in the background. Which is a good thing. But its not that it has fallen in the background but that my other health issues are overtaking the cancer crap. Currently. I am sure my cancer crap will return to the forefront and upcoming doctor appointments. In some ways its nice to have multiple medical ailments because I can alternate my stress.

My recent doctor appointments have all been about my back and RA and fibro. But I have upcoming appointments in the next month or so on my back and RA and fibro where I can discuss how treatment is going and what are we going to do to change it, and alternatives, and all sorts of fun things.

But I also have upcoming appointments in the next month or so with oncologists and endocrinologists (with thyroid cancer you get an endo instead of an onc  most of the time). These conversations will be cancer related so I'll be able to stress about cancer again.

I need some time to find our more about some research which is new and exciting but the news these days is all about the stupid politican's cliff.

I digress.  My recent blog posts suck. I will work on them and attempt to be inspired more in the future.

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Meg said...

You write what is important to you at that moment in time! We read with attention and understanding. Don't stop!

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