Saturday, December 8, 2012

Will I always compare fatigue now to cancer treatment fatigue?

Anyone who has gone through chemo can tell you about fatigue where you sit stupidly on the living sofa/arm chair staring blankly at a television screen not remembering a thing you watched. Fatigue where sleeping late turns into an afternoon nap. Being so tired you felt like you were hit by a truck upon waking up in the morning.

Last night I went to a craft fair where I had a table (anyone want to buy a hand knit or crocheted scarf?) that ended at 9pm which is VERY close to my bedtime these days. As I was driving home I thought I was really tired, like chemotherapy tired or end of radiation treatment tired. But I am not in chemo or finishing radiation, I am living the rheumatoid/fibromyalgia life where fatigue is part of the package. How fun (not really).

Then I started thinking again (I know I really shouldn't do this - think that is) and wondered am I forever going to compare my level of fatigue with how I felt during cancer treatment? I mean I used to think I was feeling exhausted and tired like I had skied hard, or climbed a relatively large mountain, or spent the day running around on the beach. Now I just compare it with chemo or radiation fatigue. Well grr.

I think my life needs a better perspective so I can skip thinking about chemo and radiation (I am sure that will be SO easy to do) and think being tired after something fun. And I'll have to take up napping and refine it to an art form.

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Teresa Saum said...

I have been refining napping to an art form and spending lots of time in what I call my nest and I haven't even started chemo yet. Not sure what my excuse is. I was hoping it would get better after Tuesday when my treatments start. Ah, well.
Thanks for writing. I wish you well with the fatigue!

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