Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life is a verb

Every week at work, we get take out for lunch. Its our little splurge and relieves lunch boredom. We don't get anything fancy - any local restaurant will do from salads, pizza, Chinese, Vietnamese, deli, etc. Each week we start our little discussion on where to get lunch around 830am. Some people think that is a little early to start thinking about what I consider to be the best part of the workday, but some of us think that's right on time.

Our current favorite is a little Vietnamese place. We each have a favorite dish. And it comes with fortune cookies. Go figure. I didn't think the had Chinese fortune cookies in China, let alone in Vietnam. But this is my cookie from the last time we ate there.

We all thought that was a good fortune cookie as fortune cookies go. It didn't tell me about some gold in my future or anything. That was actually a good week for fortune cookies for everyone. I think we all got ones we liked.

I do believe life is a verb, as in an action word. You can't sit still because life will pass you by. But when I try to be active, I pay the price the next day.

I go to the gym three times a week, usually Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Yesterday I went after work. Today I am very sore in all the usual places and then some. Every three months at the gym, I am entitled to a free session with a trainer to tweak my work out.

Last time we cut it way down because my rheumatoid drugs had yet to kick in. She wanted me to up the cardio from two sessions of 20 minutes each, to each session of 25 or more minutes each.I have done this so I am closer to an hour of cardio three times a week which is a good thing.

We also cut back the number of machines and free weight sets I do to have of what it was, but we increased the reps on the few that were left. She said try 20-25 reps and one or two sets. This has been working but if I get ambitious and try to do more, I spend the next day paying the price.

My hands are not as sore as they were but other body parts hurt more. I think the RA meds might finally be kicking in but that leaves me with fibro pain, which is way more 'fun'.

But I will continually to be active in my life and not sit idly and let it pass me by.


lisa said...

Where is this gym you talk about? Where they actually know how to work with people who are not young and in near perfect condition? I've tried a number of places, but have not yet found "the one".

I'd be ever so grateful for a suggestion of a better place to try than where I've been so far. (I believe you are in my general area)


Caroline said...

@ Lisa - its Peoplefit in Woburn. Not cheap but worth it if you have any health issues.

lisa said...


I've never heard of that place. I'll look into it

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