Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend recovery

Most people use the weekend to recover from their work week. Today I am recovering from my weekend. My husband only got mad at me a few times for doing too much (because he says when I overdo things I have a tendency to be cranky and he would prefer me uncranky) and today I am paying the price.
Friday it snowed. A lot (in case you have been living under a rock and didn't notice). I went to the gym, my therapist, and made brownies and fish chowder. And did some work. Saturday I did a little work, peeled some wall paper, went out on my snow shoes (just on our street - I wasn't stupid and went off in the woods or anything) and took pictures of all the snow.And did some knitting.
Sunday I peeled more wall paper, helped with more shoveling - meaning I cleaned off both cars and started them and got one out of the driveway. The other required a lot more excavation.
Our neighbor was an absolutely life saver as he went around with his bob cat widening the road on Saturday afternoon and then helping clear driveway openings on Sunday for the five houses on the street.

Then we went to help a friend get her car out of long term parking where it had sat during the entire storm. She just needed a little push from my husband but had been very concerned about how much digging might be needed. We got a take out for dinner and I went to bed early.

While driving around we were  amazed at how narrow the streets are, how big the snow drifts, and how much snow in general there really is.
This morning, both arms are very sore, and my back. And in general I feel like I was run over by a truck. I will take it easy for a bit. The contractor who was here last week is coming to get his tools out of the basement but I have no idea how he will get them up these stairs and across the lawn which is buried in snow.

Then I will drag my battered body to the gym and home again. I have to get some work done today but it will involve a lot of sitting around.

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