Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We need to make a switch

I think we, as in my husband and I, should officially switch to the Mediterranean diet. There is more research (because the researchers need to keep busy) showing the benefits of it.

Good things in the Mediterranean diet are olive oil, tree nuts and peanuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, fatty fish and seafood, legumes, white meat, and wine with meals. This to avoid are soda, commercial bakery goods, sweets and pastries, spread fats, and red and processed meats.

Therein lies the problem. My husband is Mr. Steak and Potatoes.He would happily eat beef every night. I will have to work on this. And the other problem is I'm supposed to avoid alcohol due to my medications. So I wonder does it work if you don't drink?

Anyway, we should be healthier. I hope. And deflabbed. (That's my word for it.) Well its better than the grapefruit diet.

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