Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I overslept or life with fibro and RA

What an exciting blog post you say? She over slept. She is boring. Well I never claimed to live an exciting life. I really don't. I am boring in general - except for the medical stuff. My life is a veritable snooze button.

Yesterday I was exhausted. I mean I worked longer than I normally do and felt exhausted. I drove myself to the gym and actually worked out - through some miracle. I came home and put on my pjs and got in bed at 5pm. I did get up and eat some left overs around 7, watched Jeopardy and was back in bed at 8. Then we  overslept.

I did not hear the alarm go off repeatedly. My husband is in charge of the snooze alarm. We only over slept by about 30 minutes but that has a (what's the word I want - one little issue turns into giant ones?) effect. No homemade lunches today. My husband got a pear for breakfast. I will have a banana and yogurt which I will eat either in the car (the banana) or when I get to work (yogurt) - it is not possible to eat yogurt and drive.

I was looking for an excuse to get take out for lunch today anyway and now I have it.

One of the advantages of my current job is that I can make my own schedule so I won't technically be late. The biggest problem in my commute is school buses,  Once I motivate I can get out of here fairly quickly.

Because of fibromyalgia and RA I need a lot of naps. I did too much for the past few days and ran out of nap time. Even if I don't nap, I need time to lie down and do nothing to recover from grocery shopping or something.

The fatigue levels I hit are pretty amazing. Sort of like being back in chemo again where napping and sitting around in a daze were considered quality life. But the Fibro/RA lifestyle does not allow the fatigue to go away, ever.

I am still lying in bed - but I have read my email, caught up on FB, and am now blogging so I am productive - drinking coffee. Shortly I will hop in the shower, go to work, then the farmers market, and then get my nails done. That will require a brief nap before going out to dinner to celebrate.

Today is my birthday (I'm 37 if you must know, but I was 37 last year and the year before and the year before...) and we are going to celebrate. Out to dinner tonight so I have to be able to stay up until 8 pm.

I used to think when I hit 40 I would start opening up about my cancer, but I didn't. Procrastination at its finest. Why do something now when you can put it off for 20 years? Then I said when I hit 50 I would. But life interfered and I got breast cancer and started opening up much earlier.

Now I think everyone in the world knows how unhealthy I am and I appreciate birthdays more. But I don't believe changing the number is important each year - its just one more thing to remember in life - so I used to be 29 and then I eventually moved on to 37. At some point I'll pick another age an stick with that one.

But in the meantime, I will enjoy my life with fibro fog, RA pains, chemobrain, and celebrate the day, now that I finally woke up.

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tccomments2013 said...


I am always amazed at what a can-do person you are, in spite of all the struggles you contend with. it might be discouraging at times to have to take time to nap, but I hope it feels so worth it to have the comfort and re-newal of energy when you need it.

have a wonderful night out to dinner, celebrating your special day.

love and light,XOXO

Karen, TC

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