Sunday, September 15, 2013

Recurrence prediction 10 years out

The Oncotype DX test came around a while back which could help predict whether women were  likely to have recurrence of their breast cancer. This score is also used to suggest different treatment options.

Now there is another option using the ICH4 gene which helps predict recurrence during the first ten years after diagnosis. Most breast cancers recur during the first three to five years so having a test which can extend well past that time frame is a wonderful option.

I will need to have a conversation with my oncologist about this when I next see her.  I am sure I will get the same answer I always get - my criteria don't meet the requirements for the test. Often its because I had another cancer prior. Or because it has been so long since my diagnosis.

Crap, they don't know, I don't know either. I'm still here and that's what is important.

This lovely little video gives about 20 seconds on this test after you learn about exercise and migraines first.

I believe my cynical side is showing today. I'm going to the gym.

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