Friday, January 16, 2015

Ailment analysis - pre and post cancer

Okay,y I admit I have been feeling pretty crappy off and on for the past few weeks. I don't know what it is. If I thought it was diagnosable, I might actually call my doctor. But as it is just a blahness feeling with nothing really specific, I am not doing anything.

But it does allow me to think about the comparison between a healthy-ish person, a cancer-ish person, and an achy-painy-ish person (with RA and fibromyalgia) and what are the differences in my reactions.

Sneezing/Sniffling/CoughingWait and see if it goes away and check out the cold medicine aisle.Wait and see if it goes away.It better not turn into pneumonia.
OwiesWait and see if it goes away, then call doctor, maybe, eventually.Is there a lump? Maybe its a tumor!!Is there a lump? Probably just an RA nodule. Ignore it.
Lumps and BumpsIgnore itIs it where  a tumor might possibly be?Definitely just an RA nodule. Ignore it.
HeadacheTake an aspirinIs it a brain tumor? MRI stat.Just another achy-pain.
BlahnessTake some vitamins and nap more.Is my blood work okay? If so, ignore it.Blood work checked last week and again next week, I can't be that sick.
DizzinessMust be dehydrated, drink more water.Is it a brain tumor?
MRI stat!
Just part of my new lifestyle.
Dripping bloodBand aid, butterfly or ER?Band aid or butterfly?Band aid or butterfly?
It takes me a lot to call the doctor these days. The more ailments I have the less likely I am to call the doctor.

I have been feeling blah but right now I am getting my blood work checked every two weeks because I added a new prescription for my RA and I see my rheumatologist in two weeks. I also know if I really want to, I can get into my primary care's office on the same day.

I don't wake up each day expecting to feel well. It can be a rare occurrence that I feel great. So these days, I'll just ignore most things.

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