Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pain management

Last week I went to the pain management doctor - yes I have one of those. I had a plan, a very well thought out plan, for that visit. I knew what I wanted and it worked out. I had a series of trigger point injections which are wonderful for fibromyalgia points. And I am scheduled for a Radio Frequency (RF) treatment on my lumbar spine which won't happen until the beginning of April (darn).

I lost the battle with my insurance company for RF of my right sacroiliac(SI) joint so I am moving on to the next options.The doctor thinks the lumbar RF might also help with my SI pain so we are proceeding with that option next.

This is the doctor who also gives me Tramadol for breakthrough pain. And Butrans pain patches for continual pain relief. (I know this post will get hit by spammers between the title and mentioning those names.) So in addition to signing a release for the trigger point injections, I also had to sign a statement, and check numerous boxes showing that I agreed with each one, on how I agreed not to abuse pain medicine and that I wasn't doctor shopping, hiding, sharing, or stocking up on prescriptions, and several other topics. Apparently this is part of a new law focusing on reducing abuse of pain medicine.

Studies have shown that abuse of pain killers leads to heroin use - which is a much more serious problem. To put it in perspective:

"...accidental prescription drug overdose is now the leading cause of acute preventable death for Americans. Someone dies in this manner every 19 minutes. That is more deaths than from car accidents." 

I had no idea this problem was so prevalent. We have a new governor who successfully ran on a stop pain killer abuse platform.

I am careful with my medications. I don't share them with anyone. I keep them all hidden away in a closet out of sight so that if anyone is in our home, they can't easily see them. I also prefer being on a pain patch than taking regular pain pills. It is a controlled dose that keeps my pain in control. But I also have pills for breakthrough pain - when I have a very bad day.

I do not want to unknowingly contribute to this problem. I have enough pain issues without being part of the problem. I want to focus on managing my pain.

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