Monday, June 8, 2015

Excuse me while I take a nap

So I am traveling, in fact on the way home. I got to see relatives I never see. But I don't travel well because I need to nap. I arrived Thursday evening and went to bed early. Then Friday I took two naps. Saturday morning I slept until after 10. Then I needed to lie down before going to dinner and then going to bed early. Sunday I also took a nap.

I interspersed my naps between fun things but still I was horizontal often.  I also found that I get very tired while driving.

I may have to curtail my driving adventures in the future, which is no fun. But today I did drive through the Elk and Buffalo prairie at land between the lakes on the TN/KY border. If you are in the area, its worth the stop. And I didn't have to get out of the car to watch a whole herd of about 40 buffalo.
That was pretty neat but now I need a nap as I sit here waiting for my flight. Maybe I am turning into an old fart. (No don't answer that, because if you are my age, you might be an one too.)

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