Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How much does that cost?

You go shopping and you can find price tags and signs to tell you the price. You go to the dentist or eye doctor and ask them for a price before a procedure and they tell you the price. You call the hospital and ask for a price and they can't tell you. Don't you want to know what something will cost before you have the procedure?

Here in Massachusetts they passed a law 18 months ago requiring hospitals to provide pricing in 48 hours. But many of the hospitals didn't meet that requirement when called for a price.

I really like this idea that hospitals provide pricing up front. The purpose of the law was to providing pricing transparency. It makes sense. So why don't they provide it? I have no idea. One of the hospitals called, out of 23, had a person dedicated to answering these requests. I think more hospitals should do this. Maybe the rest were not equipped for these questions.

Okay, not a very profound thought this morning but I need to get to work on time.

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