Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pets make the best medicine

My husband is a bit irked with me these days. Our cat died in April and his passing upset us both greatly. We had long agreed when he was gone, we would adopt two cats, so they would not be bored and likely to become destructive.

Once Shere Khan was gone we agreed not to adopt cats until our vacation in May to Florida was over. Then we decided we shouldn't adopt until the end of summer due to our summer travel plans. Then I kept looking at pet adoption sites finding adorable, homeless kitties.

Finally I got him to agree to adopt sooner as opposed to later. Then we started fostering three cats. Then I went away for five days and left him alone with all of them. I came home and will leave for three days starting tomorrow morning.

Now I have proof that pets are the best medicine.

So maybe we will keep all three. I mean anything to keep me as healthy as possible.

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Unknown said...

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