Monday, June 22, 2015

My big picture

My blog may be titled breast cancer but that is no longer my main focus for my health. The main focus of my health is my thyroidcancerbreastcancerrheumatoidarthritisfibromyalgiabadback ailment or tcbcrafbb for short, also known as Caroline's ailment. (My husband decided that I have so many things going on that it must be a single ailment that is unique to  me.)

The problem is that there is no doctor that specializes in tcbcrafbb, nor are there any support groups for it. I have a group of doctors who talk to each other and defer to each other with their specialties. I present a unique case to my medical team.

Seriously, I can no longer afford the luxury of splitting my health into separate ailments. Each one affects me in differently. When I go to anyone of my specialists, I present a special case for them. My rheumatologist is concerned about my back and my fibromyalgia. My endocrinologist is concerned about my breast cancer and my RA and fibromyalgia. My oncologist is concerned about my thyroid cancer. My dentist and periodontist struggle to keep up with the rest of the doctors. My ophthalmologist is concerned about my medications and RA which give me dry eyes. And the list goes on.

Any symptom would could be indicative of cancer is not thought to be unlikely and untest-worthy. For me, because of my medical history (blah, blah, blah), I get sent for a test. And that is a big part of my big picture.

So my blog could be renamed Caroline's Tcbcrafbb Blog but its not likely.

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