Monday, June 29, 2015

Retraining my doctors

One of the skills I have developed over my years of health ailments is to train my doctors. I can present as a unique patient with my many health issues. I have learned that I need to make sure they are taking all my issues into account without appearing as a paranoid patient. But its all about me when I am paying to see them.

Today I see my second new therapist. My original therapist dared to retire so she recommended a new one for me - who turned out to want to talk about herself more than about me. So I tried a different one and the jury is still out. She keeps suggesting support groups for me. I like the idea of support groups but honestly with my health these days, they can be hard for me to get to. I no longer go to evening events unless obligatory.

I plan on having a discussion with her that she can't just send me to support groups. I want a therapist I can talk to about my health issues and how they can be hard to cope with. I don't want someone to tell me go to a support group to handle your problems. I do not believe there is any support group out there for me because my medical issues are too complex.If she can't be retrained she will be replaced.

Do I use therapy as a crutch? I sometimes debate this with myself. Do I really need therapy? Sometimes I don't. But sometimes I really do. I am dealing with my issues right now that I need to talk about to help me cope. So don't talk to me about a support group, okay?


Mandi said...

Having an open space to talk about whatever you need to talk about is perfectly good for you. Support groups can drown your voice and sometimes you just need to sort through your emotions, but that is also why I think I blog - self therapy (maybe it does the same for you?).

linda said...

Of course, Caroline. The relationship with your therapist is important, just like your relationship with your doctors. In some ways more important since you see them more often (usually). In therapy, you talk about what's important to you not what's important to the therapist. You have inspired me to write an article about that. I won't mention your name and will change the story so you're not identifiable. Support groups have pluses and minuses. But again, your choice. Hope you are well.

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