Sunday, November 22, 2015

Prescription freakiness

I got this email on Friday:

"The following prescription(s) received in Order #"XXXXXXXXXXX on 11/19/2015 cannot be filled.

We can't fill one or more of your prescriptions because the drug was not available, and we have no approved alternative from your prescriber."

So helpful. I had no idea what this was for. Which medication, which doctor, which ailment.

So first I called the specialty mail order pharmacy (because some of my medications are 'special') and I can't look up those prescriptions on line. After dealing with the 'helpful' automated attended for far too long and two phone calls, I ended up with someone who told me it wasn't in that part of the specialty program. She tried to transfer me to the regular mail order department but I ended up in telephone limbo.

So I hung up and made call #3. The woman I spoke with put me on  hold to research it and then when she picked the call back up, somehow I got disconnected.

So I hung up and made call #4. The man I spoke with told me that they couldn't fill it because the prescription came in without a medication on it. Very weird.

Even weirder was that it came in from a nurse practitioner in the dermatology department on Thursday where I had an appointment with another NP.

The more I think about this, the freakier it is. How did a prescription get to a pharmacy for me when it wasn't for me? I can only think that this someone didn't realize that they were logged into my account on their computer when they went to enter a prescription for someone else.

This is not a good thing. I will call them tomorrow to discuss this. There is no excuse for this. I know people are busy but when it is dealing with patients and medications, they need to double check what they are doing and make sure they are looking at the correct patient.

Just think if you were in the OR and they were looking at someone else's chart?

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