Saturday, November 7, 2015


I hate stress. I haven't been getting a lot of sleep recently. Why? Stress. We are house hunting. We actually have sold our house and have just over two months, preferably less, before we have to be out of our house. And today starts craft show season where I am busy every weekend now through mid December.

And house hunting is no fun. We sold our house quite quickly. We haven't found a house to buy. Well we have made several offers - we lost the first one because they misled us and let us think they had other offers in. Then they wanted to keep taking other offers until we sold our house. The next house had an accepted offer in by the time we got ours in - two days after it went on the market. The third house seller actually went with another offer, even though we think ours was higher.

Last weekend we thought we found 'the' house. We made an offer which was accepted. We had a home inspection and found that house has so many problems its barely livable. The minor stuff mold in the attic, failing lolly columns which support the first floor, and a completely rotted out back wall that needs to be replaced. All are significant safety issues so we said no. (And now the house is back on the market with no mention of any of the issues.)

Yesterday we found another house. We are making an offer. We have our fingers crossed. And the stress goes on.

At least its not medical stress. Well there is some of that as well as my knee doctor has told me I am not a good candidate for ACL repair surgery because of my RA. We are in 'wait and see'  mode for another few months.


Anonymous said...

It's definitely a seller's market right now. Nice homes are selling & quickly... but then it's hard to find a satisfactory one to buy after yours is sold. That's the predicament we're in. I'm afraid ours is going to sell fast & yet I don't see one thing out there that I'd buy. So we wait! I think if we really wanted to get out of our house, we'd just put our stuff in storage & rent an apartment if we couldn't find a suitable house to buy. You may want to think about doing that, instead of feeling stressed out about buying something. Yes, you do end up "moving twice" once you find something but.... it's not exactly the best time of year for house listings. The perfect house for you might come up in the spring. ~Andrea

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on selling your house! But I totally understand the panic at not yet having a new home. I had the same situation when I sold my big house in Lex. But I did have more time before the closing--- three months. I lost three new houses because of the insane bidding wars in Arlington in 2006! So good luck! And renting is not a bad idea..... What towns are you looking in?- Robin

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