Wednesday, November 11, 2015


PTSD has been noted in people diagnosed with cancer. But unfortunately the main group of people who are diagnosed with PTSD are the soldiers who see and experience horrible things while serving our country. I know what I went through emotionally with two cancer diagnoses. I got myself lots of support to help me cope.

I can't imagine the veterans who come back after fighting overseas who are waiting for a diagnosis, never mind treatment. We are letting them down as individuals and as a country.

What if you were diagnosed with cancer and then couldn't get an appointment to see your doctor or anyone for months after? You were stuck in  limbo with a horrible diagnosis and could do nothing for your treatment. The emotional roller coaster would be unimaginable. And add to that if you were already physically ill at the time of the diagnosis and couldn't get any care?

This is how I feel we treat our veterans. They come home from serving their country and can't get the care they need once discharged. They are stuck with a bureaucratic nightmare called the Veterans Administration which treats them horribly, has too small a budget, and not enough medical providers.

Today is Veteran's Day. Take a moment or ten or more, to thank a veteran and do something to help one or many. We owe it to them.

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