Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I forgot to blog

Okay, I am a loser. I completely forgot to blog. I went to the gym this morning, two doctor appointments, lunch in the lovely hospital cafeteria and blood work. Blood work was a tiny bit exciting when I left and got to the elevator and found out there was blood dripping down my arm. According to the tech, this kind of thing happens a couple of times a day. (Really?!)

Now I am exhausted. I am lying in bed. I did too much today. (Now there is a surprise!). I need to water my garden. I need to clean the house as I have two friends coming over tomorrow. And I have to pack because we are going on vacation (but burglars beware we have a house sitter). We leave Saturday and I haven't started packing, or even thought about it.

I need a nap. I promise to blog tomorrow morning.

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