Friday, July 1, 2016

Managing Emotions

This week I read two different blog posts from other women dealing with breast cancer - Nancy wrote about cancer patients being told to be positive and Florence wrote about the crappy and the happy we deal with in our lives. After reading them, I commented on both. And then started thinking (sorry!).

First of all we have the issue of cancer patients being told to be positive. Honestly, whoever came up with this was an idiot. There is something to be said for not succumbing to depression while dealing with a medical disaster. If you are depressed, you aren't going to take your meds, go to the doctor, get emotional support. But if you are trying to stay positive you will probably handle it better. However, don't tell me to be positive and smile.... Grrr....

Then we have the issue of coping with the crappy and the happy. Everyone gets a load of crappy in their life and a load of happy. But its how we handle it all. We have to learn to balance the bad with the good and look at the goals for the long haul and take enjoyment out of what we have.

Even without adding in a medical roller coaster along with everything else, it can be tough to maintain one's sanity and be able to smile once in a while. Its that medical crap that can screw everything up. All of a sudden you can't work, you have problems getting around and paying your bills. And you are supposed to smile? Don't tell me to be positive on top of all that. I will work on being able to keep a smile on without your help.

I think I just don't like being told what to do.

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