Thursday, February 2, 2017

Coping With Breast Cancer with Friends

After living with breast cancer for nearly 10 years, I have some thoughts about how we all cope with it. I know personally I have gone from total, sheer panic to somewhat calm acceptance with a large dose of humor.

Humor has always been my 'go-to' when coping with anything. If I am not cracking jokes, I am really stressed. I mean I sometimes crack really bad jokes when stressed but if I get to the point where I am too stressed, my sense of humor vanishes. That means trouble.

I have noticed that most of my cancer friends do the same thing. We all have kept our sense of humor as we cope with life with breast cancer. We have all coped differently and faced our demons separately but we all have learned to laugh together.

Yes, our demons have been very bad at times. We have lost some friends along the way but our humor keeps us coping.

Living with breast cancer has tested us in many ways and, as each of us are unique, we have bonded together and our bonds allowed is to cope even better. I cannot imagine going through breast cancer without my friends.

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