Wednesday, February 22, 2017

So What Causes Your Depression?

Today at my therapist's, she asked me if I thought my pain issues cause my depression. I don't think so. But we had a discussion on the subject.

I think my emotions have been screwed up since my thyroid cancer diagnosis in 1981. Honestly, don't you think that a cancer diagnosis without any emotional support wouldn't cause depression? It just took a long time for me to realize how screwed up I was. Then at my second cancer diagnosis I decided I needed to be proactive about getting emotional support.

Then my health collapsed and you wonder why I still am depressed. Add some chronic pain into the mix and a bunch of other ailments and you wonder why I am still functioning.

It was nice to have her address it and ask what I thought instead of handing me some 'made up' reason that someone else came up with. I like having an impartial person to discuss my issues with but I think my point of view is important.

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