Monday, February 6, 2017

The Difference With A Good Doctor

This morning I had a wonderful experience having injections in my spine around T8 and T9 where I have a couple of desiccated discs. (Apparently I did something to my back in the previous years - my money is on the time I knocked the wind out of myself in front of the upper ski lodge with a deck full of skiers.) Desiccated discs are common in older adults (70+). Once again I am proving I am less healthy than most people 20 years old than me.

Today my new pain management doctor did the procedure. He was nice and talked to me first. Then he asked me during the procedure if I could feel anything and he would add more pain meds. He asked me how I was doing. He told me if I felt pressure, he would add more pain meds. Afterwards he told me it would take a few days for I to feel any improvement. And he repeated his instructions to me about changing my other medication levels.

What a difference.

My old pain management doctor never asked how I was doing. He never offered to give me more pain meds while doing injections. He would shove in the pain meds and they would BURN! Then he would push in the steroids which would cause a lot of pressure in the area. And he never talked to me about anything else.

I am very impressed with my new pain management doctor. This really show the difference between a good doctor and a bad doctor.
  • A good doctor asks how you are doing during procedures
  • A good doctor talks to his patients to make sure they are doing okay.
  • A good doctor is concerned if his patient is uncomfortable.

When you find a good doctor, keep them.

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