Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Talking About Medical Crap

This morning I briefly had the opportunity to read a wonderful blog post about why the writer writes about her medical issues. It was a great post that clearly spoke about all the issues us 'less than healthy' people have in our lives. Now I can't find the link to it but it definitely spoke to me. So here are my thoughts on this, in a less well written post.

I talk about my health issues because there is no reason not to. I am not going to be job searching again so I don't need to worry that a potential future employer would learn how unhealthy I am and therefore choose to never hire me. There is no way I am every going to be able to work full time again. So that is one of the big reasons people don't talk about their health - it could prevent them from being hired at some point in the future.

But the biggest reason I do talk (and write) about my health is that it is a big coping mechanism for me. Yes, talk therapy. Its a wonderful thing. Its the reason support groups, on line groups, and all that other stuff exist. So I am not the first person to come up with this.

Also, there is that little evil voice in my head that pops up every so often that says 'I HAVE SEVERAL CHRONIC DISEASES SO THE FUTURE ISN'T THAT ROSY'. I think if I keep talking about it and my limitations I might get more comfortable with talking about it and stressing and depressing less. Although life can be made better through chemistry (read: anti-depressants), it would be even better if there were no need to require them at all. Which leads to the next question would I be better emotionally if I was healthier? One would think so but it is impossible to know if true or not.

My thought for the day is to talk and write about my health issues but not to allow them to dominate my life.

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