Sunday, May 14, 2017

Declining Health Abilities

Yesterday, a friend and I went to the NH Sheep and Wool Festival. We are knitters,weavers, etc and bona fide yarn junkies so it was the perfect trip. However, we got exhausted. We even went and napped in the car in the afternoon so we could make it to the events we wanted to see.

On the way up, we talked about our declining parent's health. Her father is in his early 90s, my parents are in their late 80s. All of them have physically declined over the years, as would be expected for their age, but mentally are going fine.

This morning the two of us feel beat up and are exhausted after yesterday's walking and sitting. And napping. Today we are feeling closer to our parent's ages than our ages (37 still in case you are asking). I slept a solid 10 hours last night and that helps me a lot to get through today.

Days like this make me realize how much my health abilities have declined, similar to my parents. But I feel it is more expected for them than for us.

I am not trying to run a marathon, something that I have never dreamed of doing, or even go on a 15 mile hike as I have in the past. I am talking going for a day of fun which included more sitting than walking.

I realize I am getting older but I think my brain thinks I am 37 but my body thinks I'm 80. And its just not fair.

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