Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Managing Fatigue

Do you remember how tired you felt during chemo and at the end of radiation? That's how tired I feel every day. As a result, my new word of the year is 'no'. As in:
  • No, I am not going anywhere
  • No, I can't go there tomorrow
  • No, the only places I am going are the ones I carefully planned.
Nothing else. If you want me to do something with you, we need to plan ahead. (Unless an emergency and then I am happy to help.)

I cannot drop things and go to the movies or visit someone. I plan what I am going to do and then I plan how long I have to rest and recover.

Yesterday I had a fairly normal day and met a friend for lunch (and gave a neighbor a ride in an emergency) but then didn't sleep that well last night so it took me a couple of hours to get my butt out of bed. After I go to the gym and stop by my parent's house, it will be a lazy day for me. Nothing more. If I feel energetic I will set up my loom while sitting in front of the TV watching LMN movies...

And no, I am not up for any more.

Managing fatigue takes a lot of work. It takes planning and thought. I know I have obligations but I work carefully to manage meeting them. Just because I no longer work, it doesn't mean I have spare time for fun stuff. Any spare time goes to doctor appointments.

I think I sound really negative here but I often feel pressured that I am letting people down and can't get together as much as both of us would like. I'll just keep practicing the word 'no' and hope I do not offend.

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Elle Frozen Over said...

Keep sharing this with everyone who will listen. It's a gentle reminder to friends and loved ones that just because you always look 'okay' when they see you, that you're not. They don't see the days that you say no, so it's a hard concept to grasp. I struggle with this all of the time. Often, I'm so drained managing my own time that I forget there are others having the same roller coaster existence. Thanks for sharing. You are managing so well.

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