Friday, May 5, 2017

This is How Tired I Am

This morning I slept through my husband's alarm. I heard him shower and thought he was a taking a late night shower before bed. I did get out of bed for a minute and got a cup of coffee to sip while in bed. I woke up to a cold cup of coffee two hours later. It has taken me another two hours to get out of bed to my computer.

The problem is I need to leave here in another two hours and be alive enough to go to the gym and then a doctor appointment before driving home in a torrential rainstorm. I can't wait.

But I get to sleep late again tomorrow.

This is fatigue for me. I get so tired that I can't function. The reason i got so tired is that i have been running around for the last three days and got up way too early the past two days. Its not that I just need sleep. I need rest as well. Getting up early in the morning is really hard on me.

I can't stay up late so I don't try. But sometimes I just have to get out of bed too early.

My plan for the weekend: bed early, sleep late, repeat.

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