Thursday, September 7, 2017

What Does Your Pain Medication Hide?

Last weekend I was a total idiot and forgot to change my pain patch for so long my RA was causing me agony. But I also felt pain in other places that I did not expect. My RA pain was definitely the worst of all.

What this little spurt of idiocy tells me that my pain meds, especially my pain patch, are working and do take care of my pain. This is a very nice thing to know. I am not living in pain (most of the time) because of them.

But then what concerns me is what are my pains caused by. Okay, I am no idiot but I do know that what I felt in my hands and feet is caused by my RA. But then I have pain in other places that I didn't expect. These now need to be explored (not here) but with my doctors to see what causes them - in other words, are they something to worry about.

Pain is your body telling you something is wrong. I just need to know what's wrong and hiding behind my pain medication. Damn.


Anonymous said...

YOu don't have to post this but Tracey would always complain that if she didn't get high her stomach hurt. Fast forward to after college and she found out she had an ulcer that the pot was masking.

As for me, my pain medications are hiding the thinner me. I have been off them since the middle of July and lost three pounds. But I think I need to get some next week; the pain is just getting to me.

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